Our Partners and Clients

ArcXeon's sysnthesis of technology, strategic business and financial innovation equips the firm to support corporations, investors and public entities along a number of avenues:

Assist private equity and other investors in analyzing the technology and market potential of target firms and industries

Provide expert leadership and support for large and small companies in:

  • strategic positioning and transnational negotiation
  • anticipating the impact of technology on their business and markets
  • acquiring critical technologies for market transactions and market success
  • identifying and acquiring technologies and technology firms, including roll-ups of both technology-specific and acquisition targets.

Advise public entities in the identification of program design for technology and business development, whether across the board or focusing on specific sectors and functions.

Assist firms in understanding, managing and optimizing return from their IP portfolios, including partnered & venture backed spin-outs, licensing and enforcement strategies, defensive and offensive IP landscape analyses.

Partner as an expertise-driven stakeholder in creating and launching startups, spin-outs and roll-ups.